Visiting our vineyards and the winery


The tour around our vineyards at Zitsa, Ioannina, Greece and the initiation to the fascinating world of wine and tsipouro lasts approximately one hour. The winery is open to visitors daily from 10:00 am until 14:00 pm. Weekend tours are also possible solely after appointments made over the phone (tel.: +30 26580 22212).

The tour sets off from our vineyards, so that our visitors get the chance to have a direct introduction of our unique grape varieties and also to get a first taste of the natural beauties of our land. The winery comes next, where we guide the visitor through the wine-making areas, the aging caves (cellars), the bottling facility and finally to the wine-tasting salon where the guests taste the wines and our traditional delicacies.

Being part of the “Wines of North Greece” Association, Domaine Glinavos has an active role in the activities of the “Wine Roads of Northern Greece” program. This is a popular and integrated wine tourism and cultural action. In this framework, U.S. journalists visit our winery each year and they taste our wines paired with local dishes. 


After the tour of the production and wine-making facilities, visitors are introduced to the wine tasting salon where they can taste our wines paired with the local dishes. They have the chance to taste the exceptional “Debina” with barbecued eel which is a perfect match or accompany the famous home-made pies with the traditional local “Paleokerisio” (Old Times) wine. The balcony of the wine tasting salon offers an amazing view to the vineyards, the natural beauties surrounding the winery and the imposing mountains of Pindos. In this idyllic environment, wine tasting becomes relishing as it stirs up unique emotions which stay eternally engraved in one’s memory.

Our winery showroom is the last stop for visitors; here they can discover old vintage wine as well as non-circulating wines produced from special blends. Visitors may purchase our products at special prices and also other objects related to wine, its handling and conservation, such as bottle openers, champagne buckets etc., with the option to gift wrap. They can select beautiful gifs for their loved ones and create their own unique present assortments by combining wines, distillates or useful wine objects placed in beautiful gift bags or wooden packages.


The activities related to wine and the education connected with it, undoubtedly constitute an element of culture. Under the “guidance” of God Dionyssos, wine and olive oil were the products that boosted the spread of the ancient Greek civilization worldwide. It is a fact worth noting that Greece is the only country in the world history that had a god dedicated to wine. For all these but also for many other reasons, it is our duty to initiate the younger generations to the art of oenology.

The educational tours for schools are included in the frame of the cultural and educational activities regularly organized at Domaine Glinavos. During these visits, the students and their teachers are given the chance to visit our vineyards in Zitsa and gather information concerning the vines. They are also shown around in the areas accommodating the fermentation tanks and our underground cellars. Our oenologists provide them with information about the fascinating art of oenology and guide them in a new and tremendously interesting world.

The tours of Glinavos’ Estate are addressed to 3rd grade students and older. In order to organize the school visits in the best possible way, these are scheduled following a telephone communication with our winery or by e-mail to:


Our Estate is located 27 km southeast of Ioannina Town (Monastiri, Zitsa, 44003, Ioannina) the shortest way is to get there is by going through Ioannina. More specifically: Setting out from the center of Ioannina Town (road to Igoumenitsa, National Road Ioannina-Igoumenitsa/E92/E06), the visitor has to follow the Country Road Klimatia-Vissani and reach Zitsa. From that point, there are road signs that will lead them to Glinavos’ Estate.

For additional information or clarifications you may contact us at: tel.: (+30) 26580 22212, fax: (+30) 26580 22261, e-mail: