The rare and charming lady of Epirus

The predominantly indigenous red grape variety of Epirus, that has been cultivated for a very long time in the area of Zitsa at an altitude higher than 600 metres and in sloping limestone soils. It exhibits the characteristics of the cold climate in the mountainous regions where it is produced and which endures low temperatures, limited sunlight and regular rainfalls.

The first wine makers of the area used to make the traditional wine of Zitsa, a rose sparkling wine from Vlahiko and Debina; the local white wine grape variety. In general, it is thought to be a “rare” variety because it is not frequently vinified as a varietal wine while as a grape it requires constant care and thus, its vineyard plantation is limited.

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Vlahiko is a local red grape variety from Epirus used in numerous Domaine Glinavos wines


The main characteristics of Vlahiko are the strong and distinct aromas of red forest fruits, the bright but not deep ruby colour, the discrete tannins, the high but good acidity and the velvety taste with lasting finish. We produce Vlahiko Glinavos from Vlahiko and Bekari. It is also included in the wines, Dryades, Red Velvet, Lady Frosyni, Paleokerisio (Old Times).

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