Cabernet Sauvignon

Cosmopolitan and Internationally Known

The first international variety of wine grapes that was cultivated in the Greek vineyards, but also the most famous red variety in general is the Cabernet Sauvignon. Although there are several different speculations regarding its origin, it has been inextricably linked with Bordeaux in France.

It is extremely durable and easily adjusted in various soil types and different climatic conditions, which explains its widespread expansion in almost all wine regions in the world. In Epirus, Cabernet Sauvignon started being cultivated a few decades ago. The unique climate and the soils of the area proved to be favourable for its development and also the production of quality wines.

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Red grape variety Cabernet Sauvignon grown by Domaine Glinavos in Greece is used in many of its popular wines


The medium size bunches give deep coloured grapes, rich in sugars and with good acidity. The typical characteristics of a classic, low yield per hectare Cabernet Sauvignon is the deep purple colour, the soft tannins and the aromas of red fruits like blackcurrant, raspberry and cherry. In addition, in its complicated aroma we can identify the soft hints of green pepper, cedar and mint. The discrete tannins along with the fullness we feel in the mouth leave a pleasant finish with duration.

The secret of creating excellent quality red wines lies with meticulous red classic vinification followed by aging in oak barrels. These wines show a powerful and often easily recognizable personality. Part of the crops of the Cabernet Sauvignon that is produced in “Domaine Glinavos” (with low yield per hectare of 700kg) is used in the blends of our wines DRYADES and APIROS HORA (red).

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