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The second most characteristic and notable indigenous red wine grape variety of Epirus is Bekari. It is involved in the production of the local wine of Ioannina (rose sparkling), while in combination with Vlahiko, in many cases; they form the perfect pair for the creation of unique red wines, rich in blackberry and plum.

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Indigenous Greek wine variety Bekari comes from Epirus  and is cultivated by Domaine Glinavos in its vineyard in Zitsa


It is a red grape with thin skin that renders it suitable for the production of soft red and rose wines. As a variety, it is vivid and productive but sensitive to dryness and is cultivated across a limited area mainly in the area of Ioannina.

Bekari, in comparison to Vlahiko, is characterized by a deeper colour and higher levels of tannins and alcohol and therefore, we mainly use it in combination with other varieties to achieve a wine that is more complex in terms of aromas and flavours. We produce "Vlahiko Glinavos" from Vlahiko and Bekari. It is also included in the wines, Dryades and Red Velvet.

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BEKARI wines
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