Charismatic, Greek & Desirable

One of the top Greek red varieties that other countries would certainly like to be able to cultivate it. For the time being, its production and exploitation is a Greek privilege inextricably linked with the soil, climate, tradition and history of our country.

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Agiorgitiko Greek red grape variety originating from Nemea is cultivated in Domaine Glinavos vineyard in Zitsa


Agiorgitiko really has it all; nice colour, rich red fruit aromas, soft tannins and a full body. In other words, it is irreplaceable not only as merely Agiorgitiko but also in combination with other varieties. It is used to produce elegant wines, flexible, aromatic, velvety and full-bodied which seduce your senses.

It comprises a grape variety of Protected Designation Of Origin (P.D.O.) Nemea, which can produce a wide variety of excellent quality wines depending on the soil composition, the altitude, the cultivation and vinification techniques.

The wines which are blended with the red grape variety Agiorgitiko are Red Velvet and solely Agiorgitiko by Domaine Glinavos.

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