Behind the traditional architecture of Epirus and the serene environment hidden is our high technology wine-making facilities, where the exceptional quality wines of Domaine Glinavos are produced. Every fine wine or distillate is “born” here and matures with love and care. The knowledge and experience we have gathered all these years, meets the latest technological advances.


Our vineyard is located at a semi-mountainous microclimate, it extends to approximately 145 acres and it is one of the most remote and distant areas in Northwestern Greece.

It is here that the indigenous grape varieties “Vlahiko”, “Bekari” and of course the white “Debina” grow. “Debina” gives the area the rare privilege to produce wines of Protected Designation of Origin.

Naturally, our vineyards are not lacking of many Greek and international grape varieties such as “Malagouzia”, “Cabernet Sauvignon”, “Merlot” of Epirus, “Traminer” and “Sauvignon Blanc”.


Founded in 1978 at the hill of Prophet Elias in Zitsa, by the oenologist and viticulturist Lefteris Glinavos. The main concern of the founder was for the winery to be in harmony with the features and characteristics of the area.

Our winemaking equipment is based on modern technologies in order to produce wines of high quality but always in respect to tradition. Our primary focus is to ensure that the functionality of our winery and our machinery constantly meet the need in creating exceptional wines and distillates.

The main building has an area of ​​3,000 sq.m. approximately located in a total area of ​​5,500 m², which includes wine-making facilities, administrative offices and special premises for our guests. Our distillery is located in a separate building where we produce the Epirotic tsipouro from the local variety "Debina".


The underground cellars of Glinavos winery extend to 380 sq.m. and they are located 6 meters below earth level. They are built in stone with vaults and wooden foundations which are able to accommodate approximately 400 oak barrels.

Throughout most of the year, the natural cellar temperature is 12° - 14°C, ideal for the maturation of the wines and the humidity is 75 - 80%. During the hottest months, i.e. July and August, the cellars are air-conditioned to ensure that the required aging temperature is maintained. The atmosphere therein is renewed on a daily basis with an automatic ventilation system.

The aging barrels are all made of finest quality oak which originates from the best forests in France, Spain and U.S.A. The capacity of most barrels is 225 ltrs, which is the normal French size barrel, whereas 10% of them can contain 300 ltrs.