Syrah or Shiraz

Very promising and impressive

Another red wine grape variety that has been established internationally as exceptional and is considered to be very promising due to its remarkable adaptability in different soils and climatic conditions. Its grapes are rich in anthocyanins, which give wines a particular deep and dark red colour.  From the same variety, with short term extraction, excellent rose wines can be produced.

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Red wine variety Syrah is cultivated by Domaine Glinavos Greek winery in Zitsa


The complicated aromatic dynamic in which wild strawberry and red berries predominate along with hints of spices render those wines that contain Syrah even more distinct. Its full body, complex aromatic palette and most importantly its intense finish are those characteristics that fascinate while its strong tannins are balanced by its sweet and dominant character. In rose wines made from Syrah the predominant aromas are those of strawberry, rose and pomegranate.

The ROSE PRIVE by “Domaine Glinavos” is produced by 100% Syrah and differentiates due to the maintenance of low yields per hectare (700kg per acre), to the good maturity of grapes and its careful vinification, those factors that make the difference in quality.

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SYRAH wines
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