A classic rose wine made for Privé moments

Rosé Privé is the only still rose wine produced by Domaine Glinavos being part of  its classic wine category. Recently, it has been thoroughly upgraded in terms of label and also with respect to its varietal composition.

The new vintage, 2014, is marketed with a new label representing a stately armchair, thus symbolizing the subjective meaning given to the word “privé”. It grants the sense of refined private pleasure and relaxed mood without excluding company. Besides, wine, pleasure and company are all considered as a whole.
Furthermore, the “privé” pink armchair introduces an air of Epirotic aesthetics reminding the oenophile the land of their destination.

At the same time, this is a wine so cool and pleasant and again so complex, that it urges the oenophile consumer to “explore” it, to discover its main features, discuss it and enjoy it with people who love or reject the "privé" element in wines.

The varieties used for this year’s production is Syrah and Vlahiko. These two varieties are blended for the first time and they infuse the wine with various aromas of red and small black fruit, such as strawberries, cherries, sour cherries, raspberries and also blackberries. It is particularly “spicy”, with balanced acidity, medium body and subtle presence of tannins.

Rosé Privé is a wine that can be accompanied with or without food. It is a delight to all palates and unique for those special “privé" moments.