Wine, Culture & Natural Beauties

Zitsa, being the biggest village of the region with a long history, it is also the home of inspiration for many sophisticated people from literature, arts and science. Alongside it was always famous for its excellent wine as well as its natural beauty. In a few words,it is the ideal destination for wine and cultural tourism.

One of the first places to visit in the area of Zitsa, the historic monastery of Prophet Elias which is located on the top of the hill right next to our winery. The walking path through the forest of closely planted pines and wild oak is one of the most beautiful in the region of Epirus. Here the famous philhellene, Lord Byron - one of the most important English poets and representative of romance- hosted for two days in 1809. He was impressed by this heavenly place, he wrote poems about it and described it as one of the most beautiful places that he had visited in his life.

In the monastery of Prophet Elias and more specifically in the chapel located therein, the visitor can admire numerous paintings of rare value. The surroundings of the dense vegetation exude serenity, while on the top of the hill, someone can be gazing for hours the wonderful landscape with the majestic mountains and the flow of the river Kalama which is directed to the Ionian Sea. In the center of Zitsa, there is a great art gallery that is worth visiting, and no one should miss the opportunity to visit to the outstanding naturally created bridge named “Theogefyro” (God’s bridge), located just 8 miles from the center of Zitsa.

Starting from the picturesque Ioannina, visitors can achieve daily excursions to enchanting destinations which are only one to one and a half hour away. “Zagorochoria” (Zagori villages, the Ancient Theatre of Dodoni, the Acheron River to the gates of Hades, Parga are only some of them. Especially after the completion of the Egnatia highway, the tour in Epirus at the wonderful beaches of the Ionian Sea, and in Northern Greece is easy and tempting.