New Look for Lady Frosyni

New look for Lady Frosyni, one of our wines produced 36 years ago for the first time!
A few words about her story . . .
The story of Lady Frosyni was linked to that of Ali Pasha of Ioannina and her tragic end on January 11th,1801 was sung in folk tradition but also became an opera, a novel and a film. Ali Pasha decided to execute her along with 17 other fellow-townswomen by drowning them in the lake of Ioannina with the official charge of leading an immoral life. There were doubts about these accusations and Frosyni Vasilliou was even considered a victim of political persecution.
The label. . .
The main part of the label is covered by the figure of Lady Frosyni emphasizing on her eyes, thus conveying the mystery of her legend.
The lower part of the label has a repeated pattern reminiscent of flowing water, aiming at connecting the image with her tragic end in the lake of Ioannina.
The deep black capsule serves as a canvas circularly disclosing the lyrics of the urban song entitled “Tis Kyra Frosynis”
For us it’s not just a wine, it’s our history, the narrative of our land; it’s your memories and your recollections. Enjoy!